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Flagship Projects

What is an MCPH Flagship Project?

This is where we dream big.

The possibilities for Flagship Projects are endless – and endlessly exciting.

Your community group could focus on installing solar panels on a Neighbourhood House, or partner with a residential street to convert every resident to some form of renewable power.

It could be a feasibility study for community scale battery, or joining forces with your local school or sporting club to explore their options for greater energy efficiency and solar power.

Supporting community partners to develop and deliver Flagship Projects is at the core of what we do – and with the Yarra Energy Foundation’s networks and years of expertise, we’re here to help you realise those dreams.

Let’s transform our suburbs – together.

We've got an idea - what's next?

To make a project idea a reality there are key questions all projects will generally need to answer to progress to the next stage, including

  1. Has this been done before, if so by whom, and how is your project similar or different?
  2. How do you imagine the project will be financed, and what steps will you take to investigate finance options?
  3. Which stakeholders need to be consulted?
  4. Who will be responsible for driving the project (who is doing the work)?
  5. Are there any skills gaps that need to be filled for the project to succeed (list specific skills)?
  6. What are the key goals/objectives of the project, including where you expect benefits to flow?
  7. What is the benchmark for success?
  8. What are the unknowns, uncertainties and risks that may arise, and who will be responsible for managing them?

You don’t need to have definitive answers to all the questions above, but it’s a starting point for understanding what it will take to make your Flagship project idea a reality.

The MCPH is not resourced to lead or project manage Flagship projects, however we can help you identify what is needed to make a project successful and provide guidance on the questions listed above.

Together, let’s electrify Melbourne!