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For-purpose partners

For-purpose partners

We know there are plenty of businesses, non-profits and social enterprises that share our ambitions: to rapidly reduce emissions by empowering local communities to take climate action.

This is why we’ve partnered with some inspirational organisations and are in conversations with many more!

Our key partners include:


Renew is a national not-for-profit that inspires and engages with over a quarter of a million people each year in Australia and overseas, taking practical action on sustainable living. Renew has a vision for a world in which communities thrive in a way that does not cost the earth.

Consumer Policy Research Centre

The Consumer Policy Research Centre (CPRC) is an independent, non-profit, consumer think-tank. They work closely with policymakers, regulators, academia, industry and the community sector to develop, translate and promote evidence-based research to inform practice and policy change.  They also back the Energy Info Hub, a portal of information for community workers and households operating as a not-for-profit supported by funding from the Victorian Government.

Australian Environmental Films Association

The Australian Environmental Films Association (AEFA) is made of a group of multi-disciplinary young professionals based in Melbourne. AEFA makes films with local communities about the environment to increase connection with nature, inspire people to live sustainably and create systems change.